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February 17

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Alicia Forest MBA

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In this free training, you'll discover...

  • The ONLY style of event to put on to ensure success on all levels (especially if this is your first live event).

  • What your content should be and why you need to decide that first (this one piece will make everything else about designing your event so much easier). 

  • Why filling seats should not be your #1 concern, but what two things are more important (which you wouldn't know if you haven't held a successful event before).

  • Why you must focus on multiple marketing strategies, which can be easier than you think (and so you don't waste time, energy and money on the wrong tactics).

Alicia Forest MBA's mission is to empower the entrepreneurial masses to design a life they love that’s supported by a business they love using her proven practical tools to create a business that’s priority-based, profitable, and part-time.

As founder of the Mastery of Business Academy, she’s been the guiding force behind some of the best-known and successful online businesses in the coaching arena, as well in the industries of education, health and wellness, and new age, and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create a business that’s fun and funds a life they love.

Her expertise has been featured on, Escape from Cubicle Nation, T. Harv Ekers’ SuccessTracs, Holistic Business Journal and countless digital media outlets.

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